Caressa Kisses

Pussy’s Voice “Yuge” fear of the Donald!

Four-pawed felines are feeling like felons under the new regime of Donald Trump.

Trump’s quote, “Grab them by the pussy” has cats of all ilks’, in cities and towns across the nation, fearing for their feline futures.

“Unless it’s by the scruff of the neck, I’m not comfortable with anyone grabbing me,” stated Bella (the cat featured in this video).

Caressa Kisses, known as Queen of the Courtesans and a star of HBO’s hit series Cathouse says, “Small paws are often too quickly kicked to the curb. We need to help.

“I say, let’s save the pussies and all their four-pawed compadres. There are pounds, nationwide, that are housing the most vulnerable of our fury friends—many on the fast track for extinction.

“It’s time to give a lick! It’s time to care and caresses and cuddle…

“Please Mr. President, the next time you feel the urge to grab a pussy, take it home as a pet!”

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