Caressa Kisses

Biography of a Bunny Babe

Who's Caressa Kisses?

I’m delighted to make your acquaintance… I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I ooze Southern charm (but without a drawl). You’ll enjoy my presence and the company that I provide. I am a young woman of many talents and interests. I have spent my life both in the United States and Asia. I am both well-traveled and well-read, and can hold many conversations on a wide variety of topics. I’m a young lady who is a combination of exquisite angelic beauty, genuinely sweet personality, a bright mind, and a playful disposition. They say I have a soft passionate touch that sends chills through a gentlemen’s body and leaves them breathless. I enjoy ambient music, mutual sensual touch and masturbation to inflame both our libidos. I prefer extended stays or overnights to fully heighten our sexual encounter, but I am in no way opposed to a quickie, sometimes that can be just as intoxicating. Whether you are looking for a sexy companion, a wonderful date, a few days on the town, or an amazing week of fun together, I hope you will consider me. I feel comfortable in any social environment-whether we’re kicking back at a sports event or heading off to a fancy restaurant.

How would You describe yourself?

What Exactly is the BunnyRanch?

Are there Adult rides?

How tall do you have to be to ride?

Do you like what you do?

How Can I Talk to You Personally?

Sweet! So how much does it cost to party?

Isn't the Moonlite BunnyRanch the place where HBO's Hit 'Cathouse' series is filmed?

Will I be filmed without my knowledge?

Where are you when you're not at the ranch?

You do look like you are in great shape, what are your favorite workouts?

Are you Single?

Which Porno film did I see you in?

What did you do before this?

Why did you quit the Medical Field?

What are your Turn-Ons?

Your breasts... are they real?

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Do you smoke?

What's your favorite drink?

What about alcoholic drinks?

What kind of parties are your favorite?


Can I make an appointment?

Is there a Dress Code at the Ranch?

Can I shower while I am there?

Can I bring my own music, videos, clothing, props, etc. for our party?

Is there any Gambling at the Ranch?

What if I want to see you Outside the Ranch?

Is is true that you split the proceeds of your parties with the BunnyRanch?

What is your favorite position?

Do you Kiss during parties?

Do you allow pictures to be taken before, during, or after our parties? And what about filming?

Are you a Squirter?

Seriously, though. Does Size matter?

Do you accept Married clients?

Do you accept women as clients?

Can we bring another lady into our party?

I'm a Virgin & I'm very nervous. Can you help?

How many times can I climax during a party with you?

What if I want to see you outside the ranch?

I want to change that.

How much does it cost to visit? And what if want to do more than visit?

What is this 'Menu' of which you are speaking about?

Screw the Menu, what if I just want to bend you over your bed and have my way with you?

How many times canI climax during a party with you?

I'm a little on the Kinky side. Ok, I'm really kinky. Can we explore my wildest fetishes?

Even if I'm into domination, role play, foot play & strap-ons?

Is anything off limits?

Given all of your accolades, do you command higher rates?

Great! So how much does it cost to have a party with you?

What hours are the BunnyRanch open?

Should I give a tip and/or a gift?

Do you offer any specials/discounts?

What accommodations are available?

Is billing discreet?

Testing? What kind of testing is done?

What about other pre-cautions?

How often does STD transmissions occur in Brothels?

Do you accept married clients?

So you accept women as clients?

Are you truly bi, or are you 'gay for pay'?

Can we bring another girl into our party?

I want to do this for my significant other. Can I set something up?

What if I'm active in the military, a Veteran, a student, a Teacher, a first-time visitor, police, firefighter, or if it's my Birthday? Do I get any special privileges?

I have a disability, erectile difficulties or special medical needs. Can you work with that?

My Promise to You!


Email Me  

I will not be adding any content to this website. I am leaving it public & retiring from the industry. I am an advocate of pro prostitution it is a personal choice and a personal right. If I have seen you before or you’re new to the industry you may email me for information on how the industry works.

In love in light God bless Kisses Caressa